PTC Mathcad, Student subscription

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Your PTC Mathcad 12 months subscription bundle includes:

  • Primary PTC Mathcad licence
  • Technical support

Student Edition is always a Registered User, and may not be re-assigned to any other user even if the original Registered User ceases to use the product.

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PTC Mathcad

PTC Mathcad® has been the world-leading mathematical calculation tool since 1986 and is therefore used by more than 2 million engineers and 2000 universities across the world.

Above all, it is an Engineering Math software that allows users to perform, analyse and even share the most vital calculations in a single document. Its live mathematical notation, unit intelligence, and powerful calculation capabilities allow engineers and design teams to capture and communicate their critical design and engineering knowledge.

Moreover, this software solution certainly does what spreadsheets, word processing, presentation software, and programming applications cannot do! First of all, it brings powerful calculation capabilities into human-readable form. Most importantly, PTC Mathcad integrates these human-readable, live calculations with plots, graphs, text, and images into a single, interactive, professionally presented document. As a result, it enables design exploration, validation and verification, and the clear communication of critical engineering information. Above all, you don’t need to be an expert to read and understand PTC Mathcad documents.

New in PTC Mathcad Prime

New features in PTC Mathcad Prime 9

Mathcad Prime 9 is the latest version of Mathcad Prime, a technical computing software which allows engineers and scientists to create and share mathematical and engineering calculations. Some of the new features in Mathcad Prime 9 include:

Application Enhancements

  • Text Styles
  • Gradient Operator
  • Internal Links

Symbolic Engine Enhancements

  • Symbolic Solving of ODEs
  • Logarithmic Integral Functions
  • Elliptic Integral Functions
  • Symbolic Solve Block
  • Symbolic Assumption on Function
  • Definite Integral with complex limits
  • Improvements to Calculus Operators
  • General keyword improvements
  • General function improvements

Numeric Engine Enhancements

  • PDESolve in Solve Block
  • General function improvements

Usability Enhancements

  • Custom Colour Picker
  • Go-to Page
  • Current Page Tooltip
  • Math region to Text region conversion

Overall, Mathcad Prime 9 offers a range of new features and improvements that make it a more powerful and user-friendly tool for engineers and scientists working on complex mathematical and engineering calculations.

See the full list of improvements here.

System Requirements

  • 64-bit Windows 10 machine
  • 2 GB of hard disk space (600 MB for PTC Mathcad, 1.5 GB temporary space during installation)
  • Microsoft .NET Framework 4.8
    DVD drive (for physical media) or Internet connection (for download).
    Internet connection is required in both cases for license acquisition.
  • To view the PTC Mathcad Prime Help system, your system must have
    one of the following browsers:

        • Google Chrome (all versions)
        • Internet Explorer 9 or later
        • Firefox 10 or later